Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sons, Fathers, and Folk Inquiry

Reports of a 9/11 skeptic film in the works float across the Internet.  Those familiar with the various story lines are unsure just what sort of script will be put together, and one assumes a narrative of the more Leftist tinged angles with the wrong Sheen and Ed Asner involved in the project.  Certainly, we would all be shocked to see the Dancing Israeli’s make an appearance.

Woody Harrelson is slated to be in the movie.  Harrelson got his start as a “country bumpkin”, a hayseed of a bar tender in the then hit sit-com, Cheers—he was sort of like the new baby added to more family centric sit-coms, but he held his own and the character earned more lines, if not quite Frasier’s level of success on the show.

At the peak of Cheers, Woody’s father, Charles Harrelson, who was then in prison on a murder charge was identified in both a BBC series and in Jim Marrs 1989 JFK assassination book, Crossfire, as one of the “three tramps” in assassination lore.

Woody was never close to his father who had more or less left the family to go into hiding in 1968 for yet another case, but Woody did visit him in prison and spoke highly of the man’s intellect.  Woody has had a solid run in Hollywood, often playing a jaded hayseed (Kingpin), and now ready for another approach it might appear.

Martin Sheen’s association to the project, Charlie’s father, needs little further investigation as Charlie was a trailblazer in critiquing official stories.  Martin Sheen’s perhaps most famous cinematic scene is at the beginning of Apocalypse Now, listening to the Oedipal complex epic, The End by The Doors, where Jim Morrison suggests killing the father.
For an inverted tale, Admiral Morrison, estranged from his more famous son Jim, witness to the backdoor to war at Pearl Harbor, commissioned a boat on the day of the Kennedy Assassination, witness to the absence of anything in the Tonkin Gulf, only to find his career plateau after pushing a little too much on the whole USS Liberty affair.  His son, Jim, would die in Paris after a short if memorable ride through the music business and popular culture.  Admiral Morrison did not approve of his son’s choices, but later in life, would visit his son’s grave in Paris and make peace, figuring, in a 2006 interview, that Jim’s songs and suggestions his family was dead, was just a means of protecting his father’s career.

Jim Morrison, conservative?

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Turn, the Centuries Turn: Weekend Music for the Doomed

Romney's Choice

For what it's worth, last week, the Romney campaign floated some "non interventionist" material.  A Human Events lackey, a former Pentagon Pundit who lied his country into the UN supported Iraq invasion, wrote that war with Iran was more likely with Obama, and Bob Wenzel reported that Romney was consideringa high appointment for Robert Zoellick for national security transition team.

To explain Robert Zoellick, I won't go further than mention the neocons hate him for the usual reasons.

And this week, I see the no less than Students of 9/11 shady character (PNAC and trillions lost at Pentagon stooge) Dov S. Zakheim is wrapped into the Romney machine.  

Fascinating inside baseball showdown.