Friday, August 24, 2012

Todd Akin and Missouri, Again

Written for Conservative Heritage Times:

Pat Buchanan’s column on the fortunes of would-be Senator for Missouri, Todd Akin, seemed perfect.  Akin, who does not believe in the so-called “rape” exception to “abortion law”, was made to look foolish with his attempt to explain, as I surmise, the rarity of rape related pregnancies that are terminated.
Right and Left, his science, or rather pseudo-science, has been mocked, one supposes, in an attempt to deflect from the actual Christian position on abortion.
All well and fair in these tactical battles--it is an election year in a battleground state.
Over at Apocalypse Cometh, an article this week in the Daily Mail was highlighted, regarding the positive nature of, ahem, ‘male fluid’ on the female psyche—typical Euro sex obsessed one supposes, but there was this highlighted nugget in the Daily Mail article:
Other recent findings from Gallup’s laboratory suggest that semen-exposed women perform better on concentration and cognitive tasks and that women’s bodies can detect 'foreign' semen that differs from their long-term or recurrent sexual partner’s signature semen.
They suggest the ability to detect foreign sources is an evolved system that often leads to unsuccessful pregnancies - via greater risk of preeclampsia - because it signals a disinvested male partner who is not as likely to provide for the offspring.

Daily Mail 8/21/2012

For the sake of argument, if the study is 100% correct, Todd Akin actually does have a scientific point to make, perhaps speculative, but reasonable.
The point being is that the Left is allowed to say what Todd Akin says, and the Republicans/Conservative Inc are the true enforcers of Political Correctness.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Psyop at Family Research Council: Boykin in the News

That tough guy of Delta Force (and Abu Gharib), General Boykin, is out with a statement that he was in the FRC building at the time of the well covered shooting of a security guard, and has peered into the head of the would be killers intentions --the killer was apparently going to leave a ChikfilA bag with every corpse, dontchaknow.

Here at paleosnus, we work with the fine tuning of the conspiracy mind, and thus it's not quite a shock that soon after the strange hiring of Boykin at FRC, there is a made-for-tee-vee publicity stunt at the place of his work.

Those, on the Right of things as they are, who see this as an act of leftish political terrorism, instigated by the hate group, SPLC who had designated FRC a "hate group"--and who wouldn't drown the Hitler baby in the tub, right?--taking the form of media agitator, like Heavy Metal and suicide or something like that.

People easily accept the oft used meme.

To a degree, this is a fine point of view.  Living in a technocratic, "scientific" socialist State with control of the mass media, the message insures a sort of "leaderless resistance" where one can, plausible denial, suggest that these lone rogues are self created and do not need the technical, multi-level handling to insure an end result.

But anyway, it sure looks like a Boykin--a Knight of Malta sort--, publicity stunt.  I mean, one month in?


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mark Clayton Against Time

30 odd years ago, Al Gore, then a Congressmen from Tennessee, was a conservative: pro-life and for the MX.  His wife, as discussed on this site, was a leading "cultural conservative" as leader of the PMRC.  This particular block of conservative Democrats was indeed recruited by the Gore campaign, with proof found in the fact that Fred Phelps worked with the Gore team in Kansas.

There should be nothing particularly odd that Mark Clayton, newly minted Democratic Senator of Tennessee hopeful, is of the same conservative bent, if leagues more thoughtful of course in tactical presentation.

Since Alvin Green's victory in a South Carolina primary, 2010, an inmate pulling 40% in a West Virginia primary, the tone, as discussed at The New American, is that this was another fluke, but as noted, if one turned back the clock just a little, there is really nothing unusual.

Mark Clayton, you stand against time and Good Luck.

Try that Prohibition stuff again, and I'll be chanting 6 more years.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Killer Seals

Gavin McInnes's well timed article on the 'unintended consequences' of 'SWPL' sorts getting involved in local ecology, Parting With Peta, pairs neatly with emerging seal (a protected animal) issues in New England.

The first issue, is sharks, Great White sharks, are hanging around in larger numbers with such meals so easily to be had.  The consequence was felt this week, with a Great White shark finding a swimmer off Cape Cod, Jaws style.

And now, a new seal flu could pose a threat to humans.