Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting in 2012

Billy the Kid always sat well with me when I first heard the legend as a boy.

I was a mark for Young Guns in my teen years, and like to think, since I had a tele/vcr and the tape in college, I helped sell the movie to Gen-Xers who never spent much time thinking about it.  My favorite scene is not on youtube, but it features the gang at their moment of doubt in the upstairs of the McSween house, surrounded by Murphy men and local military, and Bowdre starts to lose it.

Charley Bowdre: Hey, Billy. I've got to get out of here. I've got a wife. She's this little Mexican gal. Please, Billy.
William H. Bonney: Charley, if you don't stand up and start whooping some ass, you ain't ever gonna see her again.

Charley doesn't make it, but there is that moment of cinema where Charley starts shooting and yelling crazy, and Billy laughs and shoots wildly with him.  (this is roughly historically plausible during the escape from McSween house.)  Keifer, Doc, realizing he is in the house of the insane, cuddles with his China doll.  Keifer got a second life during our days with the relatively pro-national security state show, 24.  Keifer's dad also plays the stereotype Executive in the Hunger Games.

It's not lost on me that Charles Brewer, the straight of the gang, aka Charlie Sheen, dies in the film, early when Buckshot Roberts nails him.

And that's how I feel about voting in this election.