Thursday, May 31, 2012

No fatness for Againstists

I have a long time Internet virtual friend, out in the rural parts of the Midwest who shares a habit of people watching and profiling.  He noted at convention how the Santorum people were fat and worse, couldn't carry themselves.  Now I have had plenty of moments of pathetic display of vitality and so forth, so I get the picture.

The Chronicles Crowd noted that in the 90s, the (right) libertarians were cheapskates, poorly dressed (lets assume bad teeth and so forth)

Those who remember the original JRC can testify as to what sort of Misesians, on the whole, showed up. They looked like refugees from the LP--as indeed many were--a group that Murray once characterized as an assortment of foul-balls and grifters. I used to know one prominent libertarian politico--I rather liked him--but he seemed to move around the country following a girlfriend who actually had a job. Then there were the strange people who came wearing old jeans and undershirts with holes in them--they always wanted a scholarship. Now, it is true, most ideologues are weird, and libertarians are only a little weirder than the average ultra-traditionalist, though I will say this about the monarchists and ultra-trads I have met: most of them bathe regularly and know what a necktie is for. They also don't always ruin conversations with their smug assumption of superiority. Near the end of his life, Rothbard made a beautiful speech in which he more or less tried to justify the mistakes of his life--running after one set of weirdos (libertarian, new left) after another--and declared that in joining with us, he had come home where he belonged. I'l try to dig this one up.  -- Dr. Fleming

But anyway, I will probably just skim the below article; the title on LRC struck me as being old school, anti-PC, the stuff most of us grew up on before the recent troubles:

The Disappearance of the Fat Libertarian



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Business

Roger Stone tweets

StoneZone: Tagg Romney under investigation for Insider trading.

Of course, insider trading is a charge that doesn't make a lot of sense, along the lines that when the stock market goes up, nobody wants an investigation the way they want one when it goes down.

But not the point here.  The Machine is now targeting a family member of Mr. Romney, if perhaps an idle threat in the horsetrading business that goes on behind the scenes.  My suspicion is that Romney has already offered the necessary bounty to insure it goes no further, but any sign of fight, would be interesting, just as no sign of fight should encourage the Againstist faction.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Paul Tour 2012

EPJ reports on preparations for a Ron Paul inspired three day musical festival in Tampa, ending the day before convention.

This is the right way to go.  Paul's rival convention in Minnesota (2008) was well received, if more intellectual in tone.  Music is what the troops need now.

Obviously, Jimmie Vaughn (SRV's bro) is a likely musical guest, but perhaps Alex Jones, could work on getting Mustaine and Megadeth to preform.

It would inspire this latter day Gen-Xer like nothing else, to see your people singing, head banging, "Peace Sells, But Whose Buyin?"

Monday, May 21, 2012

Axl for Country Music Hall of Fame, or Not Rather

You could make the case that Axl Rose is more country than most of what you hear on country radio today. --savingcountrymusic

Accurate satire.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anthony Sutton and Rumors of the Cold War

Like Bill Clinton's favorite historian, Carol Quigley, Anthony Sutton wrote for an elite institution, and presented the conspiratorial view of history on a number of subjects, most famously, on the history of the Soviet Union.

Sutton, writing for the Hoover Institute, was popular (as was Quigley) in Americanist and British Rightwing circles.  Sutton's thesis, that Western capitalism had funded and provided tech transfers to the Soviet, was endorsed by elements of the Right and Left establishments during the 70s.  Yet, to even mention his thesis in our times, is to get put in a box others have made for such recently disapproved thinking.

Sutton's books are largely available on the web, but it remains important for the metaphyscian to keep reminding that his thesis exists.

The Unz Archives--truly a great gift for this age-- provide a few reviews on Sutton's work, National Suicide.  The Freeman of 1974, one would expect, but a positive review in the American Spectator felt like one had struck gold.

For another time, we shall tackle a broader Cold War revisionism, and the misunderstood Reagan Era, but in the meantime, a toast to Unz.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Man in Amsterdam

Peter Thiel: billionaire, gay, Christian, Ron Paul Supporter, sea-steading investor, Bildeberger.

That guy is Alt Right.

I'd have all my bases covered
If I could teach my hands to see
-Guns N Roses, Bad Apples

SWPL types have engaged the eugenics program, really cutting into the Down Syndrome numbers, with prenatal testing and abortion.  Whether there is a ‘gay gene’ or not almost doesn’t matter—one is sure to be claimed, and the eugenics program and the bio-ethics of SWPL will abort away.  Perhaps a chap like Peter Thiel can appreciate where this ship is heading and be encouraged to fund the Alt Right, beyond the Ron Paul program, and begin to tackle and exploit an opportunity for serious metaphyscians.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Snus is Paleo

Let us just affirm for the record, that a plant with no added sugar, strange chemical additives, or complex curing/fermenting processes, consumed without fire, is paleo.