Monday, September 3, 2012

Better off Pearl Jam

After Cold War psy-ops fizzled out, those in the public school system were next hit with a “teen suicide” epidemic that was popular on Left (depression, need for more monitoring) and Right (Satan, Heavy Metal, Dungeons and Dragons and so on.)  Maybe the goal was eugenic, but in my class of ~140, I recall 9 rumored attempts before high school was through, two successful.  After Cold War apathy, just more crap to contemplate.

It was in this climate that a quite unique “slapstick” comedy, starring John Cusack, was released.  “Better off Dead”, in that sense, was particularly subversive—an antidote of absurdist dark humor to the never ending campaign against teenage suicide.  Cusack, it is noted, hated the movie, never really grasping the well timed brilliance, at least to chaps like myself who needed to find the humor in the topic.

So while Cusack, an Irish Catholic with a Hard Left Jesuit streak, never gets that the script has been rearranged, it was good to read a recent editorial of his castigating Obama for carrying on Endless War.

The always politically confused Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) goes Buchananite, and rips into high school loner killer anthem, “Jeremy”, and their solid Neil Young cover, “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World.”

For the song "Unemployable," Vedder told the crowd it was about a hard-working family man who did all the right things in life, but became the victim of job cuts. He said sometimes the so-called job creators are creating jobs outside the United States.
"I want to see more things made in America" Vedder said, to thunderous applause.

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