Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mark Clayton Against Time

30 odd years ago, Al Gore, then a Congressmen from Tennessee, was a conservative: pro-life and for the MX.  His wife, as discussed on this site, was a leading "cultural conservative" as leader of the PMRC.  This particular block of conservative Democrats was indeed recruited by the Gore campaign, with proof found in the fact that Fred Phelps worked with the Gore team in Kansas.

There should be nothing particularly odd that Mark Clayton, newly minted Democratic Senator of Tennessee hopeful, is of the same conservative bent, if leagues more thoughtful of course in tactical presentation.

Since Alvin Green's victory in a South Carolina primary, 2010, an inmate pulling 40% in a West Virginia primary, the tone, as discussed at The New American, is that this was another fluke, but as noted, if one turned back the clock just a little, there is really nothing unusual.

Mark Clayton, you stand against time and Good Luck.

Try that Prohibition stuff again, and I'll be chanting 6 more years.

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