Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Psyop at Family Research Council: Boykin in the News

That tough guy of Delta Force (and Abu Gharib), General Boykin, is out with a statement that he was in the FRC building at the time of the well covered shooting of a security guard, and has peered into the head of the would be killers intentions --the killer was apparently going to leave a ChikfilA bag with every corpse, dontchaknow.

Here at paleosnus, we work with the fine tuning of the conspiracy mind, and thus it's not quite a shock that soon after the strange hiring of Boykin at FRC, there is a made-for-tee-vee publicity stunt at the place of his work.

Those, on the Right of things as they are, who see this as an act of leftish political terrorism, instigated by the hate group, SPLC who had designated FRC a "hate group"--and who wouldn't drown the Hitler baby in the tub, right?--taking the form of media agitator, like Heavy Metal and suicide or something like that.

People easily accept the oft used meme.

To a degree, this is a fine point of view.  Living in a technocratic, "scientific" socialist State with control of the mass media, the message insures a sort of "leaderless resistance" where one can, plausible denial, suggest that these lone rogues are self created and do not need the technical, multi-level handling to insure an end result.

But anyway, it sure looks like a Boykin--a Knight of Malta sort--, publicity stunt.  I mean, one month in?


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