Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Man in Amsterdam

Peter Thiel: billionaire, gay, Christian, Ron Paul Supporter, sea-steading investor, Bildeberger.

That guy is Alt Right.

I'd have all my bases covered
If I could teach my hands to see
-Guns N Roses, Bad Apples

SWPL types have engaged the eugenics program, really cutting into the Down Syndrome numbers, with prenatal testing and abortion.  Whether there is a ‘gay gene’ or not almost doesn’t matter—one is sure to be claimed, and the eugenics program and the bio-ethics of SWPL will abort away.  Perhaps a chap like Peter Thiel can appreciate where this ship is heading and be encouraged to fund the Alt Right, beyond the Ron Paul program, and begin to tackle and exploit an opportunity for serious metaphyscians.

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