Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anthony Sutton and Rumors of the Cold War

Like Bill Clinton's favorite historian, Carol Quigley, Anthony Sutton wrote for an elite institution, and presented the conspiratorial view of history on a number of subjects, most famously, on the history of the Soviet Union.

Sutton, writing for the Hoover Institute, was popular (as was Quigley) in Americanist and British Rightwing circles.  Sutton's thesis, that Western capitalism had funded and provided tech transfers to the Soviet, was endorsed by elements of the Right and Left establishments during the 70s.  Yet, to even mention his thesis in our times, is to get put in a box others have made for such recently disapproved thinking.

Sutton's books are largely available on the web, but it remains important for the metaphyscian to keep reminding that his thesis exists.

The Unz Archives--truly a great gift for this age-- provide a few reviews on Sutton's work, National Suicide.  The Freeman of 1974, one would expect, but a positive review in the American Spectator felt like one had struck gold.

For another time, we shall tackle a broader Cold War revisionism, and the misunderstood Reagan Era, but in the meantime, a toast to Unz.

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