Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bomber LeMay and the Waco Atrocity

I have asked my elders for any information on why Wallace chose the 50-60s rightish caricature, Curtis "Bomber" LeMay as his VP in 1968.  I have received no answer, perhaps because the folks I ask believe he was the Right, that Strangelovian thing.

Bomber LeMay, in a Rightish environment that was increasingly becoming skeptic of the Vietnam War and the nature of the Cold War, let alone, dabbling in WW II revisionism, makes no sense, save Wallace clearly had no interest in winning anything but a certain Southern segment in perpetuity.

Bomber LeMay proudly and unrepentant, led the Dresden War Crime, which again, in our day and age, looks like an odd position for a populist Rightwinger at any point in the Post-War Era.

Over the last several years, the WND crowd has both promoted progress in the OKC narrative (while shelving Waco) and has attempted to rehabilitate one General William Boykin.  The rehab production continued today.

Boykin was a member of Delta Force and at Waco-- as the link shows, even the neocon Frontpage mag understands he knows some real dark secrets. 

If all one does on the web is Remember the Criminals, time has been well served, but not quite my point.

It was Walker in the late 50s and early 60s--whom Lee Harvey "tried to kill" or tried to kill, then it was LeMay...then it goes dark, save Al Haig.  Then, in the height of the Patriot movement, Waco & OKC, General Partin (who alleged missiles were inside the Murrah building and testified for the defense led by Kirk Lyons--see post that mentions a certain trial v. The Spotlight, in the Waco trials, got a tour, and then his counter, Boykin?)  What 'cause Counterpunch noted that Delta Force was at Waco; Gore Vidal was explaining OKC from a different perspective, and the patriot movement was split over the Soldier of Fortune/Rules of Engagement narrative?, he had no choice but to go Right? Just show business, this General thing.

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