Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Continuing Controversy

Steve Sailer, over at TakiMag, is a bit longer in tooth, hence his write up of the conspiracy theory meme, fits along side my various takes  as I do run a generation younger.
MajorityRights takes up but one aspect of a "Far" Right debate on Anthony Sutton, and his work covering the funding of the NSDAP rather than his work covered here, on the funding of the USSR (a common point of agreement on even the mainstream Right.)

If you do read the on-line book linked to, the most fascinating part I thought was the bombing runs over Germany during the war, how certain targets were skipped, and note the theory is popular in Reformed Theology and kinsist circles.

A former pro-wrestling television guy, Mark Madden--pro-wrestling again!, hinted last November that the Sandusky Affair extended to a pimping ring for the elite.  Louis Freeh didn't go there--oh, those ghosts of Waco, but the New York Daily News broke a story today that might lead this most ancient and contemporary of "conspiracy theories" a bit further.

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