Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kauffman still has it

I exchanged e-mails with Bill Kauffman many years back, when he was just about the only game in town with 'Ain't My America.' 

In a way, the Ron Paul campaign, beginning in 2007 was Kauffman's zenith, speaking at Ron Paul's shadow convention with the sort of fight that should command the political imagination, here in the States.  I read his Luther Martin, Drunk (something) which was outstanding patriotic revisionism, but too obscure for mass thinking.

Nevertheless, anyone interested in writing on political topics should continue to read Kauffman, and enjoy his bag o' tricks:

(a selection from the current AmConMag column:)

...The prison-industrial complex depends upon the drug war for its seemingly limitless supply of bodies. (I write, by the way, as one so drug-averse that I don’t even like taking Tylenol for a hangover—I much preferred Minor Threat to Johnny Thunders.)
Although we have reached a stage where the jock potheads of my boyhood have their avaricious little hands on the levers of power, the bong throng—including three consecutive deracinated ex-coke-sniffers in the White House—lack the guts even to take the gateway step of saying that to imprison men and women for buying and selling marijuana is an affront to personal liberty.  (Not to worry: the empty cells can be filled with Thought Criminals.)

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