Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 20th, Again

Columbine on Hitler's Birthday, and down the street, the Joker goes nuts on the anniversary of the July plot (1944) just when Tom Cruise who played Count Stauffenberg is getting divorced.

I am just playing with some derivative of numerology, and how many celebrated Guy Fawkes, indirectly and ironically, thanks to a movie, that Catholic terrorist? 

We preach Doom here, so nothing's shocking.

I am so wretched I side with the community who wants to know what sort of Pharma he was on, and tidy up an explanation.  The State, Big Pharma being just a client, may well see these things as a Feature not a Bug, so the hysterics don' bother me, and might be necessary, politically.

The Craiglist Killer in Boston was engaged and yet, up to eyeballs in debt trying to be something that doesn't exist.  Happens a lot.  Old Leatherface, Ed Gein, in that respect is comforting as a psycho (Psycho too, as Norman Bates is based on Leatherface, rather Ed Gein.)

Pharma and Debt--look there.

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