Friday, June 15, 2012

The Case for a Hardcore Birther Campaign

A Primer:

Virgil Goode, Constitution Party Presidential nominee, has some work to do to get-over on “non-interventionism” with the average Constitution Third Party Protest Voter.  To the extent I have any experience with the local outposts of the Constitution Party, it is unclear they have learned the Cold War is over, it had all been a ruse, nor is it clear they actually receive mailings from the CP that keep them up to date on current verbiage and policy positions.

For background, the de facto Rightwing protest party in the American version of party politics changed its name from US Taxpayers Party to the Constitution Party many cycles ago, which has just a little too much of that ‘America is an idea’/"propositional nation" crap, rather than a collection of free and sovereign men with inalienable rights with a minimal shed of  "propositional" nationalism. 

In an effort to advance the position and situation of the Constitution Party, I encourage the CP Presidential Nominee, Virgil Goode, to focus party propaganda on the Birther Question.

In the broadest of strokes, the Birther Question remains: is the Executive Branch a legitimate government?

While paying respects to those who search for a legalism to “prove” via legalism that the Executive is not legitimate will be a requirement (with all its birth certificate talk, an ancient tradition in Anglo-Saxon politics of succession, and the subject of even a Harry Potter installment—the Half Blood Prince) a much broader dialogue on the rights of sovereign men, and what it implications would be most encouraging.

The discussion can lean towards Thomas Naylor’s complaint  (is Leftwing, Counterpunch Birther--yes!), that Hawaii isn’t even a real state.  Let that be the seed of all Birtherism, with the birth certificate being a rich, if minor, specie of the same question.

The discussion can encourage research around Obama’s mother’sties to the CIA  (let me note the author of the link, Wayne Madsen is a Left conspiracy author), the Geithner family, andObama’s work at Business International.

The discussion should also swing to pointing out that Marco Rubio is not eligible to serve as Vice President, or at least to seriously ask the question.

If the CP is to have any value as a Rightwing Party, in light of the emergence of the A3P, and their candidate, Merlin Miller, competing for patriotic votes, and who to their credit, hold a clear line on anti-interventionism, it would seem reasonable corporate strategy to pursue a more identitarian strategy, and Birtherism provides a means, both populist and elitist, to ask the questions of our time.

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