Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Melancholia Apologia

James Kirkpatrick's November, Thanksgiving time, review of Melancholia for Alternative Right, left me exhausted.  Being the sort of fellow I am, I was certain the review was far better then the movie, but I added it to Netflix at the time.

It finally arrived in mid-March, and while not as cathartic as the review, there was a certain quality to the film for the Doom audience.  Several weeks would go by, then a month.  For whatever reason, the reported story of a Greek pensioner taking his own life combined in my head, with the movie in one fitful night of sleep.

The abyss had stared back.
Steve Sailer showed his Lester Bangs side in his review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and reviewed Melancholia today at Takimag.

Guessing Sailer was intrigued that the Paleo Hipsters seemed to be into the movie, so he had to write something.

Whatever the case, the Doom Audience is happy to have the attention.

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