Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tim Thomas is Paleo

Staying on the sporting life theme, Tim Thomas, Bruins goalie, has told the team and his fans, followers, and detractors, that he is taking next year off, to focus on family, faith, and friends.

For background, Tim Thomas played a once in a lifetime (not his, ours) goalie in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and delivered the long suffering Boston Bruins their first Stanley Cup since the 1970s.

Tim Thomas was a little different in how he got to the NHL; he was a solid college hockey goalie at the University of Vermont, Class of '97.  (College hockey in New England has always been very big, like college football in the South, and the ‘90s Era Hockey East conference was probably as corrupt.)

Thomas kicked around the NHL, Europe and so forth, and finally, he had gotten a run with the Bruins.  After the Stanley Cup victory, he was probably the city's most beloved sports celebrity (Tom Brady’s act just doesn’t fit with everybody.)

That is until last January, when he refused to go to the White House and the tide turned strongly against him.

It was rumored that Tim Thomas was one us for some time, and a picture of Thomas posing with a Ron Paul supporter let us know that he was indeed, one of us.

In a way, I was not surprised to hear he was taking a year off, so to speak. One is accustomed to expect such things.

On his facebook, Thomas linked to an article on Glenn Beck’sBlaze site, which had been, most likely, lifted from the 'Wall Street counter culture' site, ZeroHedge, foretelling a fast approaching financial doom, rather, apocalypse—within a year’s time.
It would be a mistake to say that Thomas believes the article in a very literal sense, and is hitting the bunker like the aforementioned, Steve Carlton.  Spending more time with family, faith and friends, is most likely his motivation.

But there is no question that Tim Thomas is part of our thing--setting a new bar for righteous displays of Againstist angst-- and dare I say, dare I hope, likely will continue to be.

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