Sunday, June 10, 2012

Notes from Front Heartland

A friend writes:
"Anyway, the sleaze-types are mostly on our side, another point most don't like. Everyone hates John Rich, but look at this, Rich may be an underground marketeer, but this video was a masterstroke, using Kristofferson on the nominal left and a Rourke, on the nominal right. It created a minor sensation back in the day...very minor...Rich may write half the retarded pop-country hits in Nashville today, but he isn't heard from, much anymore.

Everybody's ox is getting gored, they're just anesthized to it. Little signs keep it Nashville Pussy singer Blain Cartright (who has a kind of love/hate relationship with Uncle Nugent) praising Warren Oates (hometown boy, Owensburg Kentucky, Bill Kaufman article) and bashing Johnny Depp, but not from a patriotard angle. "

Then the signal was lost.

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