Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Death and Taxes

The Greens/consumerist liberals, often with the Unitarian Church, have been quietly promoting the “home burial” movement/alt. funeral for many years. 

To their credit, they have alerted the follower to what should be serious concerns about the regulations regarding funerals—massive rent seeking protections (licensing, regulation, death certificates) from the all powerful funeral industry lobby.  The sheer cost has been driving the increase, and predicted increase, in the cremation option—also heavily regulated.

Owing to the greater movement of our peoples, the cost of a fixed plot that would never be visited—let alone in some sub-dev cemetery, not like the ones found on the side of a road through-out the rural towns, but these creepy things with winding roads.  And even if you do get a family plot, like my Grandfather and my Grandmother and her brothers, in the front yard of their rural church, well, it used to be rural.  Now there is a strip mall across the street and a sub-dev next door to the old church.

Being scattered to the wind seems to fit our time.

Like the home birth movement, Rightists need to be involved, encouraging entrepreneurship on the grounds of undercutting the funeral racket, and fighting for deregulation and property rights as they are accustomed to doing.  (Dr. Paul could really help here.)  There is a good chance there is already a local network in your area.

The reality is, 30-something, that nobody will know who you were 100 years from now, and the cost of your own funeral will likely be out of reach at the end of your days anyway—save some dehumanizing industrial option I am sure they shall have for sale in those decades ahead.  The SWPL sorts will obsess over it (being shot out into space and so forth).

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