Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Political Intrigue

Ron Paul endorsed Reagan in 1976—the campaign and more then a few of his supporters on-line liked to remind one of the fact.  And sure, Reagan vs Ford in ’76, makes fair sense.  But keep in mind, Reagan was the governor of California, where he made divorce easier, legalized abortion, accumulated debt and raised taxes and spending to the point of inducing a populist tax revolt. 

Rand endorsed Romney; is it so much worse? 

It is not morally worse--Romney by all accounts is decent as a human being; and Reagan really did finish off what was a real populist revolt, and yet, I cannot hardly fault the elder Paul for endorsing Reagan against the very CFR Ford.

While I could have written and directed a better approach for Rand Paul, and it should be obvious his handlers are either out of touch with the street, or outright scoundrels with knowledge of the street-view, some leeway is required for clear thinking.

What made Sweet Child O Mine different from the rock ballads of its day, was after the lovely verse, and simple tune, the music jams out, and then changes to something different, not pretty, and Axl asks “where do we go now?”  It was right there that glam rock ended, and prog rock, with a metal edge, became dominant.

The Paul troops are fighting on, with many fronts--lawsuits, concerts, and so forth, having not received the memo that the campaign is over.  Lew Rockwell closed up his sub-blog, Political Theater this weekend.  He wants to keep his branding tied to Paul, and staying in line, apparently.  He does have a business to run.

Before casting a stone, make sure you have all your bases covered.

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